The facility with a power of approx. 2.1 MW and a capacity of 4.2 MWh was designed to support the reliability of the local distribution network. Modular and stationary, the energy storage facility was created as part of the project of innovative grid services improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply, carried out by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna together with PGE Dystrybucja.

The increase in the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation will result in greater demand for energy storage technology. A few small energy storage facilities have already been operated in Poland, but they have been designed and built primarily for research and development purposes.  The construction of the facility in Rzepedź is the first project constituting a response to the specific needs of PGE's customers, related to the improvement of energy quality and the supply of back-up power in case of breakdown or scheduled works.

The contractor for the modular energy storage project in Rzepedź is Griffin Group Energy.