Mr. Tomasz Hapunowicz graduated from Faculty of Humanities at Podlasie University in Siedlce and Post graduate studies of local government and local development at the University of Warsaw. Since 2010 he has held position of Zbuczyn Commune head. Since November 2016, he has been a member of the Supervisory Board of  Torpol S.A. Previously, he was a manager of cultural institute and was a specialist in external funds. He is experienced in execution of investments financed from EU funds. Author and coordinator of several dozen projects financed from EU funds

Mr. Tomasz Hapunowicz has a diploma confirming the passing of an exam for candidates for members of supervisory bodies of State Treasury companies.

In accordance with the submitted statement, Mr. Tomasz Hapunowicz meets the independence criteria of a supervisory board member, as defined in detailed principle II.Z.4 of Best Practices of WSE listed companies 2016.